FREE Priority Tracked Delivery On All Orders Over £100 ex VAT

Free Priority Tracked Delivery On All Orders Over £100 ex VAT

Free Priority Tracked Delivery On All Orders Over £100 ex VAT

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Browse our full range of wireless barcode scanners below. We stock a wide selection of wireless barcode scanners and a range of cordless barcode scanners so no matter the job or the industry, we will have the wireless scanner for you! Wireless barcode scanners are typically paired to base stations which recharge the scanners and provide connectivity directly to PC's or terminals via PS2 keyboard wedge, RS232 serial or USB (HID or VCP) interfaces. Some can be paired to devices such as smartphones and laptops via bluetooth. Our online store includes the very best wireless barcode scanners available at competitive prices.

Cordless barcode scanners are easy to use, improving the results in work efficiency resulting in a reduction of labour costs. Using a wireless barcode scanner also allows staff to have more mobility around your perimeter, allowing you to get work done from all areas. In addition to this, when a large number of items need to be scanned over a wide perimeter they can be very effective. Great for working environments, wireless barcode scanners eliminate the possibility of human error, making the workplace fast and reliable.

We use Tier 1 carriers to ensure that your wireless barcode scanner is delivered to you safely and on time. All of our shipments have track & trace so you'll know where your parcel is and when to expect it. Even with recent disruptions related to Covid, we've managed to ensure that 99.98% of our wireless barcode reader orders have arrived to our customers safely and on time.

We benchmark 100% of the wireless scanners we offer against our national competitors on a weekly basis. If we find that they offer the same individual product, sold with the same service conditions, at a lower price, we’ll adjust our price to meet that price at So we don’t expect you to find a lower price elsewhere. If you do, simply make a price match request before your purchase. Shop for wireless barcode scanners now!