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Free Priority Tracked Delivery On All Orders Over £100 ex VAT

Free Priority Tracked Delivery On All Orders Over £100 ex VAT

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What is business insurance?

Business insurance is a catch-all term for a range of policies that protect your company against financial loss. This could be from damage to your property, theft of your stock or equipment, or legal costs either arising from injuries to your staff or members of the public.


The type of insurance you buy will obviously depend on the nature of your business: online retailers' insurance is going to cover different situations to shopkeepers' insurance. Likewise, tradespeople will need very different insurance to a law firm. This makes it hard to work out exactly how much it will cost before you apply.

However, factors that affect the cost of your business insurance quotes include the nature of the work, the number of employees and where the business is based.

What is business liability insurance?

Business liability insurance covers your legal costs and any compensation from successful claims made against your business.

There are three main types:


Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance protects your firm if a member of the public is injured or their property damaged because of your business


Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance covers your business if a client makes a claim for any financial losses resulting from work you did for them


Employers’ liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance defends your business from work-related sickness, and injury claims made by current or former employees

Is business insurance a legal requirement?

Legal requirements for business insurance can vary, depending on your business set-up and what your business does.

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ any staff who aren’t direct family members.

Professional indemnity insurance can be required by some regulators and industry bodies, for example, for financial advisers, accountants, solicitors and architects. You may also find that you’re required to have it to work in other occupations including that of personal trainer, contractor, recruiter, private doctor or nurse.

Contracts for your services can require you to have particular types of insurance, like public liability insurance.

You need to understand your obligations and meet them with adequate levels of insurance. It’s always best to check with your regulator and professional body, as well as checking client contracts, to see what their guidelines and requirements are.

Do I need business insurance?

There are many things you might want to protect your business against. For example, a key person leaving or an accident that damages your premises can cause you serious losses. You may also become vulnerable to legal action by employees or clients. No one knows what’s around the corner, so having insurance for your business that could cover you if things go wrong, is worth considering.

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