FREE Priority Tracked Delivery On All Orders Over £100 ex VAT

Free Priority Tracked Delivery On All Orders Over £100 ex VAT

Free Priority Tracked Delivery On All Orders Over £100 ex VAT

Sell More.
Reach Business Customers.

Sell on

1. Register as a seller

As a registered Accept Business seller you will benefit from a range of features to reach business customers.

2. Upload your listings

You can add products to the Accept Marketplace catalogue one at a time or in bulk.

3. Ship your orders

Accept notifies you when customers place an order - you handle shipping yourself.

4. Get paid

Accept deposits payment into your bank account at regular intervals and notifies you that your payment has been sent.

Your benefits as a business seller

The Accept B2B marketplace combines the value, convenience and selection consumers experience in B2C marketplaces with a range of unique products and solutions tailored to businesses.
Sell your products on and get access to all existing Accept customers and the additional opportunity to grow your sales to new business customers of all types and sizes. is the new online sales channel for your products.

- Reach new business customers using

- Tailor your business offers and increase your sales conversion

- Benefit from higher visibility of your business offers

- Lower fees than other online marketplaces

Automatic VAT invoicing

Accept's VAT Calculation Service is automatically generating VAT invoices on your behalf for all Accept orders, saving effort on manual invoice creation.

VAT-exclusive price display

Display UK compliant VAT-exclusive prices to business customers. This can lead to increased sales opportunities.

Exclusive business offers

Choose to make products and prices available only to business customers you reach on the online sales channel.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Find a list of common questions in the FAQ section below. Cannot find the answers to your questions? Ask us.

What is is a UK marketplace that serves the needs of UK businesses of every size. Customers find the products they need quickly and easily, and benefit from business-tailored features such as One-Day Delivery across most products, and VAT-exclusive pricing. Sellers can expand their B2B sales on with new ways to target business customers.

What is the Seller Programme?

The business seller programme helps you grow your B2B sales on As an seller, you get access to features that help grow your sales to business customers across the UK, including the possibility to offer quantity discounts and exclusive channel offers, VAT-exclusive price display and VAT invoicing for all of your offers. Contact us to register as a seller on

How did I add my B2B products to

You can use inventory file templates to create or edit your listings in the catalogue in bulk. Once we've registered you as a seller, we'll provide you with templates to create your listings. If the items you want to list are already in Accept’s catalogue in the marketplace where you want to list and you do not wish to provide information that describes the item, such as bullet points or product description, you can use our simple Price and Quantity file to upload your price, quantity, handling time and fulfilment channel details for your existing SKU’s.

If the items you want to list do not yet exist in Accept’s catalogue in the marketplace in which you want to list or you wish to provide information that describes the item, such as bullet points or product description, we recommend that you use a category-specific template. Simply contact us with details of the categories for which you want to list items and we will provide you with the associate template.

Is it mandatory to have a VAT registration number to join the seller programme?

Yes – Sellers will be required to provide a valid UK VAT registration number in order to enrol into the service. Please consult your tax advisor for guidance, as necessary.

How do I receive payment for sales?

Accept will pay sellers as soon as payment for the Invoice is received from the buyer. This may occur around the due date or even before due date. However, in case of late payments, Accept will pay the seller on the 15th day past the due date if the buyer has not paid by that time.