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Newland FR27 Urchin Self-Service 2D Barcode Scanner, USB | FR2780-B-20

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Newland FR27 Urchin Desktop Barcode Scanner Kit - Cable Connectivity - 1D, 2D - CMOS

"Newland continues to define the customer journey in self-scanning"

The FR27 Urchin, Newland's smallest presentation scanner, strikes the perfect balance between performance and play. Its large scan window and outstanding motion tolerance makes self-service scanning a breeze. All whilst maintaining a small & sleek footprint, fit to enhance your countertop design. With the possibility to be mounted horizontally, vertically and to manipulate the cable, the FR27 Urchin can be installed to blend into its environment. This plug-and-go USB scanner just made your self-service scanning childsplay.

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Superior self-service scanning from screen
The FR27 Urchin is primarily designed to be easy to use for self-service scanning from customers' phone screens. A remarkably wide field of view means even the largest codes presented on the largest phone screens are scanned easily.

Snappy scanning from paper, metal and plastic
Printed barcodes are still used in many applications, so the FR27 Urchin makes sure it can cope with them. It maintains top performance with all types of 1D and 2D codes presented to it on paper, metal and plastic surfaces. Even curved and creased codes pose no challenge.

Small and stylish
The FR27 Urchin packs all its scanning power into a small, sleek design. Making not only a great space saver but looking good while doing so. The scanner has a smooth and simple finish that blends well with any countertops design from boutique to café.
Fast scanning with outstanding motion tolerance
The FR27 Urchin has an outstanding 2.7m per second motion tolerance for applications where fast scanning on moving codes is vital. Clearing lines of customers self-scanning or clearing baskets of items at the point of sale, the FR27 gives you more speed than ever before.

Clear visual feedback
Using soft white illumination to scan barcodes, the FR27 Urchin also utilises its white background to project a green led, indicating a good read. Visual feed-back in a self-service application makes all the difference in giving customers confidence in achieving a successful scan.

Flexible mounting options
Mindful that the FR27 Urchin can suit access control and kiosk applications, its case has a design that allows you to manipulate the cable for mounting portrait or landscape. It also has threaded fixing points for vertical mounting.


Image Sensor 640x480 CMOS
Illumination White LED
Depth of Field EAN13 (13mil) 20mm-105mm
Depth of Field PDF417 (6.67mil) 30mm-40mm
Depth of Field Data Matrix (10mil) 30mm-45mm
Depth of Field QR (15mil) 0mm-85mm
Minimal Print Contrast 20%
Scan Angle Roll 360°
Scan Angle Pitch ±75°
Scan Angle Skew ±75°
Field of View Horizontal 68°
Field of View Vertical vertical: 51° diagonal: 84.8°
Scan Modes Sense Mode, Continuous Mode
Motion Tolerance 2.7 m/s
Data capture
1D All major 1D symbologies
2D QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec, Micro PDF, Micro QR, PDF417, etc.
Dimensions (mm) 66.3(W)x76.3(D)x38(H)mm (max.)
Weight 120g
Interfaces USB
Input Voltage 5VDC±5%
Current @ 5VDC Operating 140mA (typical)
Current @ 5VDC Standby 100mA (typical)
Power Consumption 698mW (typical)
Ambient Light 0~100,000lux (natural light)
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 60℃ (-4°F to 140°F)
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 70℃ (-40°F to 158°F)
Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Electro Static Discharge (ESD) ±12 kV (air discharge), ±8 kV (direct discharge)
Drop 1.5m
Sealing IP42
Standard USB cable, used to connect the scanner to a host device
Device Management
Software EasySet (configuration)
Certifications VCCI, RoHS
Warranty 5 years

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